Case Details

A Comprehensive Archiving Solution

Purpose and Development

ConnectCorsa serves as an innovative tool designed to streamline the complex process of transferring archival data to the Nationaal Archief institution. Developed to meet the stringent conditions of the Nationaal Archief, including specific folder structures, naming conventions, metadata files, accurately filled templates in metadata files, and the maintenance of file and folder integrity via SHA-256, ConnectCorsa ensures a flawless and automated transfer process.

Technical Specifications

The front end of the project has been meticulously crafted using React.js, which provides a dynamic and responsive user interface. To accommodate various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, Electron.js was employed to convert the web application into a robust desktop application. The backend is powered by Node.js with Express.js, ensuring reliable and scalable server-side operations.

Key Features and Workflow:

ConnectCorsa automates the entire archiving process with three simple steps, reducing the potential for human error and significantly speeding up the workflow:

1. Import Files: Users start by importing the necessary files, including two specific XML files that contain information about the folders and files to be transmitted.
2. Set Metadata: Through an intuitive interface, users enter the metadata settings, ensuring that all the necessary information is included and formatted correctly.
3. Export Files: Once the files are imported, optional adjustments can be made before a single click converts and organizes them into the required folder structure. Files are moved to the designated folders, and metadata files are generated accurately for each folder and file. Finally, folders are compressed into zip files, ready for transmission.


• Efficiency: Dramatically reduces the time and effort required to prepare archives for submission.
• Accuracy: Ensures that all data meets the Nationaal Archief’s conditions without errors.
• Ease of Use: Simplifies the complex process of archiving with an easy-to-navigate user interface and a straightforward three-step procedure.
• Versatility: Compatible with major operating systems, ensuring a wide range of accessibility.

Used Technologies:

Frontend: Developed with React.js for a dynamic user interface.
Desktop Conversion: Utilized Electron.js for cross-platform desktop application support.
Backend: Employed Node.js with Express.js for efficient server-side operations.

Supported Platforms:

All Operating Systems: Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring broad accessibility across different computer systems.