Pre-ingesttool Application

The Pre-ingest Tool, developed by Noord-Hollands Archief, is a powerful solution designed to streamline and enhance the pre-ingest assessment and processing of digital archives.

As a sophisticated web application operating across local networks, it utilizes seven distinct Docker images, each playing a crucial role in the archival workflow.

At Scale Symphony, we recognize the immense value of the Pre-ingest Tool in ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital archives. However, we also understand that implementing and maintaining such a complex system can present challenges for institutions with varying levels of technical expertise.

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    Addressing Technical Challenges

    Scale Symphony has a proven track record of resolving complex technical issues with the Pre-ingest Tool. For example, we have successfully addressed:

    1- System Stability: We have identified and rectified issues that caused the application to crash during the ‘sidecar structures’ check, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

    2- Reporting Functionality: We have resolved malfunctions in the reporting feature, guaranteeing the generation of accurate and comprehensive Excel reports.

    Seamless Integration

    Ensure smooth implementation of the Pre-ingest Tool with our expert installation and configuration services. Our team will guide you through every step, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and infrastructure.

    Comprehensive Support

    Benefit from our dedicated troubleshooting and support services. We address any technical issues you encounter, ensuring the Pre-ingest Tool operates efficiently and effectively at all times.

    Tailored Customization

    Customize the Pre-ingest Tool to fit your specific needs with our advanced customization services. From adding new modules to modifying existing functionalities, we enhance the tool to maximize its potential for your institution.


    Pre-Ingest Tool Partner

    Scale Symphony is your trusted partner in optimizing and supporting the Pre-ingest Tool. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, designing and implementing tailored solutions that streamline your archival processes and enhance data management efficiency.

    Services we provide for Pre-ingesttool

    • Installation and Configuration

      Our experienced team will guide you through the installation and configuration process, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and infrastructure.

    • Troubleshooting and Support

      We provide expert troubleshooting and support to address any technical issues or challenges you may encounter while using the Pre-ingest Tool.

    • Customization and Enhancement

      We can tailor the Pre-ingest Tool to your specific needs by adding custom modules or modifying existing functionalities.

    • Training and Workshops

      We offer comprehensive training workshops to educate your staff on the intricacies of the Pre-ingest Tool, empowering them to use it effectively and efficiently.

    • Source Code Modifications

      We adapt the Pre-ingest Tool’s source code to meet the unique requirements of your institution, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your workflows and standards.

    • File Review and Correction

      We meticulously review and correct your institution’s files to ensure they are fully compatible with the Pre-ingest Tool, optimizing them for seamless processing and long-term preservation.

    Let Us Assist You with the Pre-ingesttool

    Enhance and streamline your archival processes with our expert technical support and customization services.

    Pre-ingest Tool Optimization Process

    Data Review

    Thoroughly examine and process your archival data to ensure it meets the necessary standards. This step establishes a solid foundation for seamless pre-ingest operations.

    Customization and Configuration

    Tailor the Pre-ingest Tool to fit your institution’s unique requirements. Implement custom modules and configurations to optimize performance and efficiency.

    Integration and Testing

    Integrate the Pre-ingest Tool into your existing infrastructure. Conduct rigorous testing to ensure optimal functionality and refine processes based on real-world feedback.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The Pre-ingest Tool is a web application developed to streamline the pre-ingest assessment and processing of digital archives. It uses Docker images to handle various tasks in the archival workflow, ensuring efficient data management and compliance with archival standards.

    The Pre-ingest Tool automates repetitive tasks, standardizes workflows, and ensures compliance with National Archives standards. This results in improved data quality, enhanced accessibility, and significant time and cost savings for your institution.

    Yes, our team can customize the Pre-ingest Tool by adding new modules or modifying existing functionalities to meet the unique requirements of your institution. This ensures the tool aligns perfectly with your workflows and standards.

    Scale Symphony offers comprehensive support, including installation and configuration, troubleshooting, training, and workshops. We also provide ongoing technical assistance to ensure the tool operates efficiently and effectively within your institution.

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